Helloooo Sherman Elementary!

FACT: Sherman Elementary in Watertown, NY has smart, creative, focused kids. I had the priveledge of reading to the Pre-K - 2nd grade classes just before Memorial Day weekend, and I'm here to confirm it: those teachers are doing something right.

St Lawrence ABCs is packed to the gills with alleration and challenging vocabulary, and these kids absoltely rose to the challenge! Not only did they understand alleration, but many read along with me as I took on the tounge-twisters! Even the littlest kids knew their alphabet sounds and could tell me appropriate example words as we visited each letter in the book. These kids made my job easy!

This was a special kind of school visit because many of these kids had been to Boldt Castle, or Thousand Islands Park, or traveled over the two spans of the St Lawrence Bridge on their way to Ontario, Canada. A few even live near the River year-round, and it was a delight to watch their eyes light up when we reached 'their' island's page.

Thank you to rockstar librarian Jean Hinckley for sharing her space with me, and superstar teacher Renee Waterbury for organizing my visit. See you again, Sherman Elementary!

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