We just can't say enough awesome things about our first publication!  The joy of this publication comes from the passion and heart of our local author and artist that brought this book to life.  Since 2011, we have met so many inspired kids and satisfied parents who love sitting in their cottage and reading about the neighboring islands.  This is a must-have souvenir for first time visitors to remember the beauty of the St Lawrence, and a perfect addition to any summer cottage's library.  

St. Lawrence ABCs


St. Lawrence ABCs is an alphabetical journey through the 1000 islands region of New York and Canada.  By introducing local plants, boats, animals, and history through alliteration and whimsical illustrations, readers are effortlessly transported to each island's microcosm of exciting history and peaceful daily life.  With a thorough appendix and color map identifying each island, plant and animal that are mentioned, this book is a comprehensive overview of the St Lawrence River's 1000 islands. 


Intended for ages 5 and up - challenging vocabulary and tongue-twisting alliteration is perfect for reading aloud at home or in the classroom. 

A sneak peak at Megan Gaffney's book art: