St Lawrence ABCs was born from an urge in the author, Silvana Gargione, to preserve and honor the 1000 Islands region that she grew up loving more than anywhere else.  Her roots as a River Rat began with visits to camp near Ogdensburg, NY.  As an adult who has relocated to the West Coast, researching and rhyming became a way to learn more about her neighbor islands while fighting off homesickness.  After a few years of playing with the idea of a full-fledged book, Silvana met her illustrator, Megan Gaffney, through a Craig's List ad (crazier things have happened!) and a quick friendship began.  Although they were both born and raised within 20 mins of each other in New Jersey (also a crazy coincidence), Silvana is a summer resident of Wellesley Island, and Megan is a summer resident of Barlett Point, and they feel most at home on the St Lawrence.  This book is a perfect balance between Silvana's twisty phrases and Megan's whimsically detailed artwork. 




Silvana Gargione is originally from Lawrenceville, NJ  She has a degree in Theater Arts from Emerson College in Boston, and is now an actor who lives in Los Angeles.  Silvana has happily spent every summer of her life on the St Lawrence River with her parents and extended family.  This is her first published book.  




Megan Gaffney was born and raised in Pennington, NJ.  She graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Master's Degree in Medical Illustration.  She enjoys doing scientific illustration as well as traditional illustrations.  Megan Gaffney grew up spending every summer on the River with her family at her grandfather, Miller Gaffney's cottage.  Nothing beats spending the summer at the River, and Megan is still spending every summer at the River.