We Love The River!


St. Lawrence ABCs is a historical, alphabetical, local-folklore-etical journey through the Canadian and American sides of the 1000 islands region!  Locals and tourists alike can learn new and exciting facts about the St Lawrence River and the beautiful islands that are sprinkled through it's cool fresh waters.


Who says learning isn't fun?     


With alleration, tough tounge-twisting vocab, mighty maps, and a great glossary, St Lawrence ABCs is fun for parents, teachers and kids!

Silvana Gargione – you have written a beautiful tribute to the Thousand Islands.  Reading your book aloud is a delight.  Megan Gaffney – you have captured each and every place with illustrations that are so real, I can recognize each place and each island scene immediately.  To you both - we sincerely thank you.

Thousand Islands Life Magazine, 2011


A must read for self proclaimed 'river rats' and anyone that enjoys a nautical lifestyle!

Melissa C, river native